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Andrea Latini   Andrea Latini - President - Founder

A PhD in Physics and a master degree in Physical Chemistry, after few years doing research in Laser Spectroscopy at the University of Roma, he joins Crisel Instruments where, for 15 years, has been responsible for integration and installation of advanced custom spectroscopy systems . He’s company president handling worldwide sales and distribution channels, OEM products and contracts. Is member of the committee in charge of new products strategic planning.

Franco Fazioli   Franco Fazioli - Executive Vice President of Engineering - Founder

Twenty-five years of experience in design and production of electronic and electro-optics system for industrial and military applications. Franco has been responsible for integration on Crisel Instruments custom systems and he’s company executive vice president. Is member of the committee in charge of new products strategic planning.


  Research and Development
Vincenzo Ricco   Vincenzo Ricco - Scientific Director - Founder

Thirty-five years of experience in system design and field tests in Infrared technology and imaging systems. For the last 25 years, he has been on the BOD of several companies manufacturing or selling Electro-Optics products. Is member of the committee in charge of new products strategic planning.

Raino Ceccarelli   Raino Ceccarelli - R&D Senior Specialist.

Master degree in Physics (Quantum optics). Raino is responsible for  development, optimization and testing of new systems.


Emanuele Pontecorvo   Emanuele Pontecorvo - R&D Specialist.

Ph.D. in Physics (Material Science). Emanuele is responsible for  development, optimization and testing of new systems.


Salvatore Silvestri Salavtore Silvestri - Lead Software Engineer

He is responsible for the underlying architecture for the software programming (Drivers, DLL, GUI), of CrestOptics Confocals and Super Resolution Devices.

  Sales and Technical Support
Andrea Santinelli   Andrea Santinelli – Sales and Technical Support

Master degree in Physics (Quantum optics). Andrea is responsible for  overseas Sales and Technical Support.

Marco Broglia Marco Broglia - Production Manager

Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, Marco is responsible for new product development , production processes and systems optimization and testing.



Mechanical Engineering

Franco Castelmani   Franco Castelmani - Responsible for Mechanical Design

Before starting his own consulting company he made up more than 30 years experience as responsible of mechanical design and shock and vibration testing in the aerospace industry. Franco holds several patents in kinematic solutions which are parts of tools we use everyday. Franco Castelmani is responsible for CrestOptics mechanical and opto-mechanical design.

Giampiero Piscopo Giampiero Piscopo - Solidworks Mechanical Designer, Engineering

He provides full support to engineering by preparing 3D-CAD solid models, routine layouts, detail drawings, assembly drawings, sketches and diagrams. Details to include all views and dimensions necessary for final manufacturing.



Communication and Design

Saverio Morisco   Saverio Morisco - Graphics and Media Designer

He works on a variety of products and activities, such as website, advertising, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity, i.e. giving products and organization a visual 'brand'.



Office Managing

Eamnuela Spadaro Emanuela Spadaro - Office Manager

Before joining CrestOptics Emanuela has been responsible for logistics in the area of scientific instruments. Since five years she is CrestOptics office manager in charge of shipment, logistics, and communication exchanges with customers and suppliers.

Elisa Ieraci   Elisa Ieraci

She is full time handling Logistics tasks as shipments, events, and communication exchanges with customers and suppliers.


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