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Crestoptics X-Light NIR  
Live SR X-Light V2Top Performance X-Light V2Top Performance+ VCS X-Light V2 L-FOV

X-Light V1 NIR

Live SR X-Light V2 tp X-Light V2tpVCS X-Light V2 L-FOV Frap
CrestOptics Dual Head

Led and Laser high efficiency coupling

  • easy alignment Gimbal Mount at excitation port to perfectly match with Microscope optical axis
  • High Throughput excitation adapter with focusing adjustments on spinning disk optical plane
CrestOptics Dela Head

CrestOptics Proprietary Spinning Disk Technology

  • Proprietary spiral design for best S/N
  • Double Pattern on same disk
  • Confocal and Widefield on same instrument
  • Large 22mm Field of View for sCMOS
  • no need of disk synchronization with acquisition device
CrestOptics Dual Head

Easy Slide-IN Filter Mounts

  • easy emission wheel and dichroics filter exchange with the provided tools

CCD and sCMOS Easy-Focusing

  • focusing knob for fine CCD and/or sCMOS focusing on pinholes

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