CrestOptics is a leading Company in the development and manufacturing of advanced systems for Fluorescence Microscopy and Diagnostic applications. Our technology supports the research community and Industrial demand with highly  customized Solutions thanks to a continuous improvement of our R&D and Engineering strength

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  • Andrea Latini CrestOptics

    Interview with Andrea Latini, CEO of CrestOptics

    Interview with Andrea Latini, CEO of CrestOptics We founded CrestOptics in early 2010 and up to today we delivered a total of more than 800 new Confocal Systems Andrea Latini, CEO of CrestOptics Andrea [...]

  • Technology Fast 500 Award 2014

    Deloitte. Technology fast 500 Award 2014 società high-tech CrestOptics is the Italian Winner of Technology Fast 500 Award 2014 Powerful Connections Deloitte rewards 500 high-tech fastest-growing companies in Europe... [...]

  • Crestoptics s.p.a.

    CrestOptics srl is now Crestoptics s.p.a. (Società per Azioni) CrestOptics s.p.a. I'm pleased to share with you the satisfaction of all people working in CrestOptics due to the results we achieved in the last 2 years. [...]

  • Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2016

    Deloitte. Technology fast 500 EMEA 2016 società high-tech Premiate dieci aziende italiane tra le 500 società high-tech in Europa a maggio crescita... CrestOptics is one of the 10 Italian Winners of Technology Fast 500 EMEA [...]


June 4 - June 7


X-light V3

X-Light V3 is the next generation of X-Light spinning disk confocal series.

It relies on the cutting-edge technology, advanced optical design approach and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics to meet the very high-end specifications required by most of the modern fluorescence microscopy applications.

X-light V2

Fast and versatile spinning disk model for live and fixed cell imaging

X-light V1 NIR

See beyond the visible.
X-Light Infrared confocal system allows you to perform fluorescence imaging in the optical range 700-1600nm