Deep imaging of clarified

mammary gland tissue

Deep imaging of mammary gland tissue clarified by uDISCO technique, an organic solvent-based clearing method.

Here a 3D volume view showing keratine 8 (red) keratine 5 (yellow) and DAPI (blue) taken with CrestOptics X-Light V3 confocal spinning diskKeratins are extensively used as diagnostic breast cancer markers and several studies have provided evidence for active keratin involvement in breast cancer development.

The use of Silicon immersion objectives, like the Plan Apochromat Lambda S 25XC Sil (Nikon), allows to combine the highest achievable resolution with an outstanding penetration, essential when working with clarified tissies.

Added to the exclusive 25mm FOV of the X-light V3, this setup allows to image a unique volume without the need of stitching.

Max projection of 500um thick 3D acquisition in clarified mammary gland tissue

3D acquisition (side and top view) in clarified mammary gland tissue

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