CrestOptics developed the new confocal system X-Light V2 Large FOV (25mm), specifically dedicated to the new Nikon Eclipse Ti2

In the very recent years the demand for high-speed acquisitions and large eld of view analysis growth
considerably in the biological microscopy research community, and more in general, in the current
scientific research following the increased size of cameras sensors and the PCs computational capabilities
in managing large volumes of data.

At the end of 2016 Nikon introduced its new inverted large field of view, high-throughput microscope

Almost at the same time, one of the largest cameras manufacturer, Photometrics, has launched the first
prototype of the new large field of view sCMOS Prime 95B

That’s why Crest Optics, following this demand and Nikon Instruments request, has developed and
launched at the beginning of 2017 its new confocal spinning disk system, X-Light V2 L-FOV compatible
with large FOV microscopes and large FOV sensors, covering afield up to 25mm. View here image gallery.

Maintaining its high optical quality, high-speed confocal acquisition capabilities (only limited by camera’s
speed), high-illumination efficiency and uniformity the X-Light V2 L-FOV establishes a milestone in the confocal large data analysis market.

For further specifications click here.