NIR imaging in spinning disk confocal

The standard port on the illuminator of X-light V2 and X-light V3 confocal spinning disk allows to use light sources in the 400-750 nm ranges without any special accessories. Thanks to this specification, it is possible to simultaneously image DAPI and NIR dyes such as Cy7on the same samples. Such capability is essential for multi-stained specimens with 4 or more channels, where the wide spectral window allows for a better choice of non-overlapping dyes and, therefore, to appreciate relative spatial information of different cellular markers.

Here is shown a mouse brain sample stained with an in situ sequencing kit that can be directly applied to tissue sections. Of note, in situ sequencing enables single cell gene expression analysis directly inside the tissue samples, while preserving spatial information.

DAPI and Cy7 on 25 mm confocal acquisition

(X-light V3; 60x objective)

DAPI and Cy7 stitched image

(X-light V3; 20x objective)

The brain samples were kindly provided by the VIB BioImaging Core in Leuven (Belgium)

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