CrestOptics Spinning Disk and Super-Resolution Publications

Super-resolution microscopy compatible fluorescent probes reveal endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor distribution and dynamics
Ast J, Arvaniti A, Fine NHF, Nasteska D, Ashford FB, Stamataki Z, Koszegi Z, Bacon A, Jones BJ, Lucey MA, Sasaki S, Brierley DI, Hastoy B, Tomas A, D’Agostino G, Reimann F, Lynn FC, Reissaus CA, Linnemann AK, D’Este E, Calebiro D, Trapp S, Johnsson K, Podewin T, Broichhagen J, Hodson DJ.
Nat Commun11(1):467 (2020)

Laser-triggered writing and biofunctionalization of thiol-ene networks
Romano A, Angelini A, Rossegger E, Palmara G, Castellino M, Frascella F, Chiappone A, Chiadò A, Sangermano M, Schlögl S, Roppolo I.
Macromol Rapid Commun, 41(10):e2000084 (2020)

Cytokinetic Bridge Triggers De Novo Lumen Formation in Vivo
Rathbun LI, Colicino EG, Manikas J, O’Connell J, Krishnan N, Reilly NS, Coyne S, Erdemci-Tandogan G, Garrastegui A, Freshour J, Santra P, Manning ML, Amack JD, Hehnly H.
Nat Commun, 11(1):1269 (2020)

AMPK activation induces mitophagy and promotes mitochondrial fission while activating TBK1 in a PINK1-parkin independent manner
Seabright AP, Fine NHF, Barlow JP, Lord SO, Musa I, Gray A, Bryant JA, Banzhaf M, Lavery GG, Hardie DG, Hodson DJ, Philp A, Lai Y.
FASEB J, 34(5):6284-6301 (2020)

The Caenorhabditis elegans homolog of the Evi1 Proto-Oncogene, egl-43, coordinates G1 cell cycle arrest with pro-invasive gene expression during anchor cell invasion
Deng T, Stempor P, Appert A, Daube M, Ahringer J, Hajnal A, Lattmann E.
PLoS Genet, 16(3):e1008470 (2020)

Salmonella typhimurium discreet-invasion of the murine gut absorptive epithelium
Fattinger SA, Böck D, Di Martino ML, Deuring S, Ventayol PS, Ek V, Furter M, Kreibich S, Bosia F, Müller-Hauser AA, Nguyen BD, Rohde M, Pilhofer M, Hardt WD, Sellin ME.
PLoS Pathog, 16(5):e1008503 (2020)

Modulation of calcium transients in cardiomyocytes by transient receptor potential canonical 6 channels
Ahmad AA, Streiff ME, Hunter C, Sachse FB.
Front Physiol, 11:44 (2020)

A direct role for SNX9 in the biogenesis of filopodia
Jarsch IK, Gadsby JR, Nuccitelli A, Mason J, Shimo H, Pilloux L, Marzook B, Mulvey CM,Dobramysl U, Bradshaw CR, Lilley KS, Hayward RD, Vaughan TJ, Dobson CL, Gallop JL.
J Cell Biol, 219(4):e201909178 (2020)

SMaRT lncRNA controls translation of a G-quadruplex-containing mRNA antagonizing the DHX36 helicase
Martone J, Mariani D, Santini T, Setti A, Shamloo S, Colantoni A, Capparelli F, Paiardini A, Dimartino D, Morlando M, Bozzoni I.
EMBO Rep, e49942 (2020)

Polarized epidermal growth factor secretion ensures robust vulval cell fate specification in Caenorhabditis elegans
Mereu L, Morf MK, Spiri S, Gutierrez P, Escobar-Restrepo JM, Daube M, Walser M, Hajnal A.
Development, dev.175760 (2020)

Comparative analysis of taxol-derived fluorescent probes to assess microtubule networks in a complex live three-dimensional tissue
Logan G, McCartney B.
Cytoskeleton (Hoboken),  DOI: 10.1002/cm.21599 (2020)

Polarity mapping of cells and embryos by improved fluorescent solvatochromic pyrene probe
Valanciunaite J, Kempf E, Seki H, Danylchuk DI, Peyriéras N, Niko Y, Klymchenko AS.
Anal Chem,  92, 9, 6512–6520 (2020)

Mechanophenotyping of 3D multicellular clusters using displacement arrays of rendered tractions
Leggett SE, Patel M, Valentin TM, Gamboa L, Khoo AS, Williams EK, Franck C, Wong IY.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 117(11):5655-5663 (2020)

Facciotti F, Larghi P, Bosotti R, Vasco C, Gagliani N, Cordiglieri C, Mazzara S, Ranzani V, Rottoli E, Curti S, Penatti A, Karnani B, Kobayashi Y, Crosti M, Bombaci M, van Hamburg JP, Rossetti G, Gualtierotti R, Gerosa M, Gatti S, Torretta S, Pignataro L, Tas SW, Abrignani S, Pagani M, Grassi F, Meroni PL, Flavell RA, Geginat J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 117(13):7305-7316 (2020)

Serrano-Saiz E, Vogt MC, Levy S, Wang Y, Kaczmarczyk KK, Mei X, Bai G, Singson A, Grant BD, Hobert O.
Genetics214(1):163-178 (2020)

Naso FD, Sterbini V, Crecca E, Asteriti IA, Russo AD, Giubettini M, Cundari E, Lindon C, Rosa A, Guarguaglini G.
Cells, 9(2). pii: E374 (2020)

Campanella R, Guarnaccia L, Cordiglieri C, Trombetta E, Caroli M, Carrabba G, La Verde N, Rampini P, Gaudino C, Costa A, Luzzi S, Mantovani G, Locatelli M, Riboni L, Navone S E, Marfia G.
Cells, 9(2). pii: E294 (2020)

Reconstitution of the human nigro-striatal pathway on-a-Chip reveals OPA1-dependent mitochondrial defects and loss of dopaminergic synapses
Iannielli A, Ugolini GS, Cordiglieri C, Bido S, Rubio A, Colasante G, Valtorta M, Cabassi T, Rasponi M, Broccoli V.
Cell Rep, 29(13):4646-4656.e4 (2019)

SMO-M2 mutation does not support cell-autonomous Hedgehog activity in cerebellar granule cell precursors
Petroni M, Sahùn Roncero M, Ramponi V, Fabretti F, Nicolis Di Robilant V, Moretti M, Alfano V, Corsi A, De Panfilis S, Giubettini M, Di Giulio S, Capalbo C, Belardinilli F, Coppa A, Sardina F, Colicchia V, Pedretti F, Infante P, Cardinali B, Tessitore A, Canettieri G, De Smaele E, Giannini G.
Sci Rep, 9(1):19623 (2019)

3D bioprinted human cortical neural constructs derived from induced pluripotent stem cells
Salaris F, Colosi C, Brighi C, Soloperto A, Turris V, Benedetti MC, Ghirga S, Rosito M, Di Angelantonio S, Rosa A.
J Clin Med, 8(10). pii: E1595 (2019)

ERAP1 promotes Hedgehog-dependent tumorigenesis by controlling USP47-mediated degradation of βTrCP
Bufalieri F, Infante P, Bernardi F, Caimano M, Romania P, Moretti M, Lospinoso Severini L, Talbot J, Melaiu O, Tanori M, Di Magno L, Bellavia D, Capalbo C, Puget S, De Smaele E, Canettieri G, Guardavaccaro D, Busino L, Peschiaroli A, Pazzaglia S, Giannini G, Melino G, Locatelli F, Gulino A, Ayrault O, Fruci D, Di Marcotullio L.
Nat Commun, 10(1):3304 (2019)

Possible implication of the CA2 hippocampal circuit in social cognition deficits observed in the neuroligin 3 knock-out mouse, a non-syndromic animal model of autism
Modi B, Pimpinella D, Pazienti A, Zacchi P, Cherubini E, Griguoli M.
Front Psychiatry, 10:513 (2019)

Anterior-enriched filopodia create the appearance of asymmetric membrane microdomains in polarizing C. elegans zygotes
Hirani N, Illukkumbura R, Bland T, Mathonnet G, Suhner D, Reymann AC, Goehring NW.
J Cell Sci, 132: jcs230714 (2019)

Golgi localized β1-adrenergic receptors stimulate Golgi PI4P hydrolysis by PLCε to regulate cardiac hypertrophy
Nash CA, Wei W, Irannejad R, Smrcka AV.
Elife, 8. pii: e48167 (2019)

Chromosome misalignment is associated with PLK1 activity at cenexin-positive mitotic centrosomes
Colicino EG, Stevens K, Curtis E, Rathbun L, Bates M, Manikas J, Amack J, Freshour J, Hehnly H.
Mol Biol Cell, 30(13):1598-1609 (2019)

Neuroinflammatory processes, A1 astrocyte activation and protein aggregation in the retina of Alzheimer’s disease patients, possible biomarkers for early diagnosis
Grimaldi A, Pediconi N, Oieni F, Pizzarelli R, Rosito M, Giubettini M, Santini T, Limatola C, Ruocco G, Ragozzino D, Di Angelantonio S.
Front Neurosci, 13:925 (2019)

A unique androgen excess signature in idiopathic intracranial hypertension is linked to cerebrospinal fluid dynamics
O’Reilly MW, Westgate CS, Hornby C, Botfield H, Taylor AE, Markey K, Mitchell JL, Scotton WJ, Mollan SP, Yiangou A, Jenkinson C, Gilligan LC, Sherlock M, Gibney J, Tomlinson JW, Lavery GG, Hodson DJ, Arlt W, Sinclair AJ.
JCI Insight, 4(6). pii: 125348 (2019)

ATP synthase c-subunit-deficient mitochondria have a small cyclosporine a-sensitive channel, but lack the permeability transition pore
Neginskaya MA, Solesio ME, Berezhnaya EV, Amodeo GF, Mnatsakanyan N, Jonas EA, Pavlov EV.
Cell Rep, 26(1):11-17.e2 (2019)

Effective glucose uptake by human astrocytes requires its sequestration in the endoplasmic reticulum by glucose-6-phosphatase-β
Müller MS, Fouyssac M, Taylor CW.
Curr Biol, 28(21):3481-3486 (2018)

Huaier augmented the chemotherapeutic sensitivity of oxaliplatin via downregulation of YAP in hepatocellular carcinoma
Tao Y, Shan L, Xu X, Jiang H, Chen R, Qian Z, Yang Z, Liang B, Zheng H, Cai F, Yu Y, Ma L.
J Cancer, 9(21):3962-3970 (2018)

Spinning-disc confocal microscopy in the second near-infrared window (NIR-II)
Zubkovs V, Antonucci A, Schuergers N, Lambert B, Latini A, Ceccarelli R, Santinelli A, Rogov A, Ciepielewski D, Boghossian AA.
Sci Rep, 8(1):13770 (2018)

Medium throughput breathing human primary cell alveolus-on-chip model
Stucki JD, Hobi N, Galimov A, Stucki AO, Schneider-Daum N, Lehr CM, Huwer H, Frick M, Funke-Chambour M, Geiser T, Guenat OT.
Sci Rep, 8(1):14359 (2018)

A microfluidic platform for lifelong high-resolution and high throughput imaging of subtle aging phenotypes in C. elegans
Saberi-Bosari S, Huayta J, San-Miguel A.
Lab Chip, 18(20):3090-3100 (2018)

Guard cells in fern stomata are connected by plasmodesmata, but control cytosolic Ca2+ levels autonomously
Voss LJ, McAdam SAM, Knoblauch M, Rathje JM, Brodribb T, Hedrich R, Roelfsema MRG.
New Phytol, 219(1):206-215 (2018)

Live-cell imaging reveals the dynamics and function of single-telomere TERRA molecules in cancer cells
Avogaro L, Querido E, Dalachi M, Jantsch MF, Chartrand P, Cusanelli E.
RNA Biol, 15(6):787-796 (2018)

A novel multisite confocal system for rapid Ca2+ imaging from submicron structures in brain slices
Filipis L, Ait Ouares K, Moreau P, Tanese D, Zampini V, Latini A, Bleau C, Bleau C, Graham J, Canepari M.
J Biophotonics, 11(3) (2018)

Cholesterol modulates the cellular localization of Orai1 channels and its disposition among membrane domains
Bohórquez-Hernández A, Gratton E, Pacheco J, Asanov A, Vaca L.
Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids, 1862(12):1481-1490 (2017)

Microscopic analysis of lysosomal membrane permeabilization
Giraldo AMV, Öllinger K, Loitto V.
Methods Mol Biol, 1594:73-92 (2017)

Temporal regulation of gap junctional communication between tenocytes subjected to static tensile strain with physiological and non-physiological amplitudes
Eijiro M, Haicheng P, Toshiro O.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 482(4):1170-1175 (2017)

RAMP2 influences glucagon receptor pharmacology via trafficking and signaling
Cegla J, Jones BJ, Gardiner JV, Hodson DJ, Marjot T, McGlone ER, Tan TM, Bloom SR.
Endocrinology, 158(8):2680-2693 (2017)

Effective modification of cell death-inducing intracellular peptides by means of a photo-cleavable peptide array-based screening system
Kozaki I, Shimizu K, Honda H.
J Biosci Bioeng, 124(2):209-214 (2017)

Multiple isoforms of nesprin1 are integral components of ciliary rootlets
Potter C, Zhu W, Razafsky D, Ruzycki P, Kolesnikov AV, Doggett T, Kefalov VJ, Betleja E, Mahjoub MR, Hodzic D.
Curr Biol, 27(13):2014-2022.e6 (2017)

Enhanced gap junction intercellular communication inhibits catabolic and pro-inflammatory responses in tenocytes against heat stress
Maeda E, Kimura S, Yamada M, Tashiro M, Ohashi T.
Journal of Cell Commun Signal, 11(4):369-380 (2017)

Maml1 acts cooperatively with Gli proteins to regulate sonic hedgehog signaling pathway
Quaranta R, Pelullo M, Zema S, Nardozza F1, Checquolo S, Lauer DM, Bufalieri F, Palermo R, Felli MP, Vacca A, Talora C, Di Marcotullio L, Screpanti I, Bellavia D
Cell Death Dis, 8(7): e2942 (2017)

Optogenetic control of mitochondrial metabolism and Ca2+ signaling by mitochondria-targeted opsins
Tkatch T, Greotti E, Baranauskas G, Pendin D, Roy S, Nita LI, Wettmarshausen J, Prigge M, Yizhar O, Shirihai OS, Fishman D, Hershfinkel M, Fleidervish IA, Perocchi F, Pozzan T, Sekler I.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114(26):E5167-E5176 (2017)

ATP release during cell swelling activates a Ca2+-dependent Cl- current by autocrine mechanism in mouse hippocampal microglia
Murana E, Pagani F, Basilico B, Sundukova M, Batti L, Di Angelantonio S, Cortese B, Grimaldi A, Francioso A, Heppenstall P, Bregestovski P, Limatola C, Ragozzino D.
Sci Rep, 7(1):4184 (2017)

Remote control of glucose homeostasis in vivo using photopharmacology
Mehta ZB, Johnston NR, Nguyen-Tu MS, Broichhagen J, Schultz P, Larner DP, Leclerc I, Trauner D, Rutter GA, Hodson DJ.
Sci Rep, 7(1):291 (2017)

Peri-synaptic glia recycles brain-derived neurotrophic factor for LTP stabilization and memory retention
Vignoli B, Battistini G, Melani R, Blum R, Santi S, Berardi N, Canossa M.
Neuron,  92(4):873-887 (2016)

Enhanced human-induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocyte maturation using a dual microgradient substrate
Huethorst E, Hortigon M, Zamora-Rodriguez V, Reynolds PM, Burton F, Smith G, Gadegaard N.
ACS Biomater Sci Eng, 2(12):2231-2239 (2016)

The circadian clock modulates anti-cancer properties of curcumin
Sarma A, Sharma VP, Sarkar AB, Sekar MC, Samuel K, Geusz ME.
BMC Cancer, 16(1):759 (2016)

Circadian rhytms in doxorubicin nuclear uptake and clock control of C6 glioma cells
Sarma A, Sharma VP, Geusz ME.
J Cancer Ther, Vol.7 Num.8 (2016)

Localized down-regulation of P-glycoprotein by focused ultrasound and microbubbles induced blood-brain barrier disruption in rat brain
HongSeok C, Hwa-Youn L, Mun H, Jong-ryul C, Sanghyun A, Taekwan L, Yongmin C, Juyoung P.
Sci Rep, 6:31201 (2016)

Differentiation of control and ALS mutant human iPSCs into functional skeletal muscle cells, a tool for the study of neuromuscolar diseases
Lenzi J, Pagani F, De Santis R, Limatola C, Bozzoni I, Di Angelantonio S, Rosa S.
Stem Cell Res, 17(1):140-7 (2016)

Current injection provokes rapid expansion of the guard cell cytosolic volume and triggers Ca(2+) signals
Voss LJ, Hedrich R, Roelfsema MRG.
Mol Plant, 9(3):471-480 (2016)

Spatiotemporal profiles of arginine vasopressin transcription in cultured suprachiasmatic nucleus
Yoshikawa T, Nakajima Y, Yamada Y, Enoki R, Watanabe K, Yamazaki M, Sakimura K, Honma S, Honma K.
Eur J Neurosci, 42(9):2678-89 (2015)

The Zinc transporter Slc30a8/ZnT8 is required in a subpopulation of pancreatic α-cells for hypoglycemia-induced glucagon secretion
Solomou A, Meur G, Bellomo E, Hodson DJ, Tomas A, Li SM, Philippe E, Herrera PL, Magnan C, Rutter GA.
J Biol Chem, 290(35):21432-42 (2015)

ALS mutant FUS proteins are recruited into stress granules in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived motoneurons
Lenzi J, De Santis R, de Turris V, Morlando M, Laneve P, Calvo A, Caliendo V, Chiò A, Rosa A, Bozzoni I.
Dis Model Mech, 8(7):755-66 (2015)

Development of circadian oscillators in neurosphere cultures during adult neurogenesis 
Malik A, Jamasbi RJ, Kondratov RV, Geusz ME.
PLoS One, 10(3):e0122937 (2015)

Chlamydia infection depends on a functional MDMM2-p53 axis
González E, Rother M, Kerr MC, Al-Zeer MA, Abu-Lubad M, Kessler M, Brinkmann V, Loewer A, Meyer TF.
Nat Commun, 5: 5201 (2014)

Interchromosomal homology searches drive directional ALT telomere movement and synapsis
Cho NW, Dilley RL, Lampson MA., Greenberg RA.
Cell, 159(1):108-121 (2014)

Early events of fertilization in sea urchin eggs are sensitive to actin-binding organic molecules
Chun JT, Limatola N, Vasilev F, Santella L.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun,  450 (3), 1166-1174 (2014)

Phosphoinositides and membrane curvature switch the mode of actin polymerization via selective recruitment of toca-1 and Snx9
Gallop JL, Walrantb A, Cantleya LC, Kirschnera MW.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110(18):7193-8 (2013)

MCAK facilitates chromosome movement by promoting kinetochore microtubule turnover
Wordeman L, Wagenbach M, von Dassow G.
J Cell Biol, 179(5):869-79 (2007)

Sequestration of mutated alpha1-antitrypsin into inclusion bodies is a cell-protective mechanism to maintain endoplasmic reticulum function
Granell S, Baldini G, Mohammad S, Nicolin V, Narducci P, Storrie B, Baldini G.
Mol Biol Cell, 19(2):572-86 (2007)

Bortezomib down-regulates the cell surface expression of HLA-class I and enhances natural killer cell-mediated lysis of myeloma
Shi J, Tricot GJ, Garg TK, Malaviarachchi PA, Szmania SM, Kellum RE, Storrie B, Mulder A, Shaughnessy JD Jr, Bart Barlogie B, van Rhee F.
Blood, 111(3):1309-17 (2007)

Rab6 regulates both ZW10/RINT-1 and conserved oligomeric Golgi complex-dependent Golgi trafficking and homeostasis
Sun Y, Shestakova A, Hunt L, Sehgal S, Lupashin V, Storrie B.
Mol Biol Cell18(10): 4129-4142 (2007)

Rat motoneuron properties recover following reinnervation in the absence of muscle activity and evoked acetylcholine release
Bichler EK, Carrasco DI, Rich MM, Cope TC, Pinter MJ.
J Physiol, 85(Pt 1):47-56 (2007)

Determination of cell types and numbers during cardiac development in the neonatal and adult rat and mouse
Banerjee I, Fuseler JW, Price RL, Borg TK, Baudino TA.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 293(3):H1883-91 (2007)

Dual actin-bundling and protein kinase C-binding activities of fascin regulate carcinoma cell migration downstream of Rac and contribute to metastasis
Hashimoto Y, Parsons M,Adams JC.
Mol Biol Cell, 18(11):4591-602 (2007)

The flare gene, which encodes the AIP1 protein of Drosophila, functions to regulate F-actin disassembly in pupal epidermal cells
Ren N, Charlton J, Adler PN.
Genetics, 176(4):2223-34 (2007)

Early sorting of inner nuclear membrane proteins is conserved
Braunagel SC, Williamson WT, Ding Q, Wu X, Summers MD.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 104(22):9307-12 (2007)

Nanos function is essential for development and regeneration of planarian germ cells
Wang Y, Zayas RM, Guo T, Newmark PA.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 104(14):5901-6 (2007)

The balance between the novel protein target of wingless and the Drosophila Rho-associated kinase pathway regulates planar cell polarity in the Drosophila wing
Chung S, Kim S, Yoon J, Adler PN, Yim J.
Genetics, 176(2):891-903 (2007)

Constitutive traffic of melanocortin-4 receptor in Neuro2A cells and immortalized hypothalamic neurons
Mohammad S, Baldini G, Granell S, Narducci P, Martelli AM, Baldini G.
J Biol Chem, 282(7):4963-74 (2007)

Morphogenesis defects are associated with abnormal nervous system regeneration following roboA RNAi in planarians
Cebrià F, Newmark PA.
Development, 134(5):833-7 (2007)

IQGAP1 regulates cell motility by linking growth factor signaling to actin assembly
Benseñor LB, Kan HM, Wang N, Wallrabe H, Davidson LA, Cai Y, Schafer DA, Bloom GS.
J Cell Sci, 120(Pt 4):658-69 (2007)

Porcine somatostatin receptor 2 displays typical pharmacological sst2 features but unique dynamics of homodimerization and internalization
Durán-Prado M, Bucharles C, Gonzalez BJ, Vázquez-Martínez R, Martínez-Fuentes AJ, García-Navarro S, Rhodes SJ, Vaudry H, Malagón MM, Castaño JP.
Endocrinology, 148(1):411-21 (2007) 

Tau-dependent microtubule disassembly initiated by prefibrillar beta-amyloid
King ME, Kan HM, Baas PW, Erisir A, Glabe CG, Bloom GS.
J Cell Biol, 175(4):541-6 (2006)

Pleiotrophin disrupts calcium-dependent homophilic cell–cell adhesion and initiates an epithelial–mesenchymal transition
Perez-Pinera P, Alcantara S, Dimitrov T, Vega JA, Deuel TF.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 103(47):17795-800 (2006)

Distinct signaling profiles of beta1 and beta2 adrenergic receptor ligands toward adenylyl cyclase and mitogen-activated protein kinase reveals the pluridimensionality of efficacy
Galandrin S, Bouvier M.
Mol Pharmacol, 70(5):1575-84 (2006)

Capacity of the Golgi apparatus for cargo transport prior to complete assembly
Jiang S, Rhee SW, Gleeson PA, Storrie B.
Mol Biol Cell, 17(9):4105-17 (2006)

Auditory mechanotransduction in the absence of functional myosin-XVa
Stepanyan R, Belyantseva IA, Griffith AJ, Friedman TB, Frolenkov GI.
J Physiol, 576(Pt 3):801-8 (2006)

TOR coordinates bulk and targeted endocytosis in the Drosophila melanogaster fat body to regulate cell growth
Hennig KM, Colombani J, Neufeld TP.
J Cell Biol, 173(6):963-74 (2006)

Lateral positioning at the dorsal midline: Slit and Roundabout receptors guide Drosophila heart cell migration
Santiago-Martínez E, Soplop NH, Kramer SG.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 103(33):12441-6 (2006)

Surface position, not signaling from surrounding maternal tissues, specifies aleurone epidermal cell fate in maize
Gruis DF, Guo H, Selinger D, Tian Q, Olsen OA.
Plant Physiol, 141(3):898-909 (2006)

Wnt signaling establishes anteroposterior neuronal polarity and requires retromer in C. elegans
Prasad BC, Clark SG.
Development, 133(9):1757-66 (2006)

Ross syndrome: a rare or a misknown disorder of thermoregulation? A skin innervation study on 12 subjects
Nolano M, Provitera V, Perretti A, Stancanelli A, Saltalamacchia AM, Donadio V, Manganelli F, Lanzillo B, Santoro L.
Brain, 129(Pt 8):2119-31 (2006)

cAMP sensor Epac as a determinant of ATP-sensitive potassium channel activity in human pancreatic beta cells and rat INS-1 cells
Kang G, Chepurny OG, Malester B, Rindler MJ, Rehmann H, Bos JL, Schwede F, Coetzee WA, Holz GG.
J Physiol, 573(Pt 3):595-609 (2006)

The shavenoid gene of Drosophila encodes a novel actin cytoskeleton interacting protein that promotes wing hair morphogenesis
Ren N, He B, Stone D, Kirakodu S, Adler PN.
Genetics, 172(3):1643-53 (2006)

PTEN couples Sema3A signalling to growth cone collapse
Chadborn NH, Ahmed AI, Holt MR, Prinjha R, Dunn GA, Jones GE, Eickholt BJ.
J Cell Sci, 119(Pt 5):951-7 (2006)

Estrogen dendrimer conjugates that preferentially activate extranuclear, nongenomic versus genomic pathways of estrogen action
Harrington WR, Kim SH, Funk CC, Madak-Erdogan Z, Schiff R, Katzenellenbogen JA, Katzenellenbogen BS.
Mol Endocrinol, 20(3):491-502 (2006)

COG complex-mediated recycling of Golgi glycosyltransferases is essential for normal protein glycosylation
Shestakova A, Zolov S, Lupashin V.
Traffic, 7(2):191-204 (2006) 

Enhancement of asynchronous and train-evoked exocytosis in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells infected with a replication deficient adenovirus
Thiagarajan R, Wilhelm J, Tewolde T, Li Y, Rich MM, Engisch KL.
J Neurophysiol, 94(5):3278-91 (2005)

Exogenous administration of Substance P enhances wound healing in a novel skin-injury model
Delgado AV, McManus AT, Chambers JP.
Exp Biol Med, 230(4):271-80 (2005)

Anti-Abeta antibody treatment promotes the rapid recovery of amyloid-associated neuritic dystrophy in PDAPP transgenic mice
Brendza RP, Bacskai BJ, Cirrito JR, Simmons KA, Skoch JM, Klunk WE, Mathis CA, Bales KR, Paul SM, Hyman BT, Holtzman DM.
J Clin Invest, 115(2):428-33 (2005)

Smooth, a hnRNP encoding gene, controls axonal navigation in Drosophila
Layalle S, Coessens E, Ghysen A, Dambly-Chaudière C.
Genes Cells, 10(2):119-25 (2005)

TAT-mediated neurogenin 3 protein transduction stimulates pancreatic endocrine differentiation in vitro
Domínguez-Bendala J, Klein D, Ribeiro M, Ricordi C, Inverardi L, Pastori R, Edlund H.
Diabetes, 54(3):720-6 (2005)

The WD40 repeat protein fritz links cytoskeletal planar polarity to frizzled subcellular localization in the Drosophila epidermis
Collier S, Lee H, Burgess R, Adler P.
Genetics, 169(4):2035-45 (2005)

Two functional but noncomplementing Drosophila tyrosine decarboxylase genes: distinct roles for neural tyramine and octopamine in female fertility
Cole SH, Carney GE, McClung CA, Willard SS, Taylor BJ, Hirsh J.
J Biol Chem, 280(15):14948-55 (2005)

MCAK associates with the tips of polymerizing microtubules
Moore AT, Rankin KE, von Dassow G, Peris L, Wagenbach M, Ovechkina Y, Andrieux A, Job D, Wordeman L.
J Cell Biol, 169(3):391-7 (2005)

Gene expression during Drosophila wing morphogenesis and differentiation
Ren N, Zhu C, Lee H, Adler PN.
Genetics, 171(2):625-38 (2005)

A microtubule-dependent zone of active RhoA during cleavage plane specification
Bement WM, Benink HA, von Dassow G.
J Cell Biol, 170(1):91-101 (2005)

Interplay of Ca2+ and cAMP signaling in the insulin-secreting MIN6 beta-cell line
Landa LR Jr, Harbeck M, Kaihara K, Chepurny O, Kitiphongspattana K, Graf O, Nikolaev VO, Lohse MJ, Holz GG, Roe MW.
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