Ventricle-like structure in human iPSC derived cortical organoid

Human iPSC (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) are able to generate cortical organoids in vitro after a specific differentiation protocol. Cortical organoids are self-organizing three-dimensional cultures that model features of the developing human cerebral cortex.

Here is shown a ventricle-like structure within a cortical organoid of 50 days in vitro, acquired with CrestOptics Confocal Spinning Disk and stained for MAP2 (cyan), Pax6 (red) and N-Cadherin (green), which are markers for ventricular and subventricular-like regions.

X-Light V3 Confocal Spinning Disk acquisition (40x objective)

Zoom in (60x objective)

Raw spinning disk

After deconvolution

Human iPSC derived organoid courtesy of Alessandro Soloperto, Carlo Brighi, Silvia Di Angelantonio
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) CLNS@SAPIENZA Roma

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